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Colourful Canvas Cookies

The good folks at Seussville have brought us one of the cutest ideas to get kids learning about art – introducing colourful canvas cookies.

Get your kids excited about art history with this fun drip action painting craft. Firstly, use this simple recipe to bake flat, crispy cookies.

While the cookies are cooling, introduce the kids to the art of Jackson Pollock. This American artist was a leading force in the 20th century’s abstract expressionist movement. And as an example, have a look at Pollock’s Wooden Horse.

jackson pollock in front of canvas

“It doesn’t matter how the paint is put on,

as long as something is said.”

Jackson Pollock

Once the cookies have cooled down, get your food colouring and drinking straws ready. This is where the fun begins. Now students can use their drinking straws to drip and flick food colouring onto their canvas cookies, in order tot create their own mini abstract works of art.

Alternatively you can add a layer of white royal icing and let it dry for an extra white canvas. Then mix up batches of colourful royal icing to paint with. These colourful canvas cookies make a lovely cookie bouquet.

Above all, this fun, edible art study serves as the introduction to a more in-depth look at the abstract expressionist movement, which allows children to get acquainted with the great artists of this movement.

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