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Get everybody coding with Riot Games!

The game developing giant behind League of Legends and esports, has launched their own curriculum for game development. Last week Riot Games presented their URF Academy Games Design curriculum as a free to use guideline to help everybody to get coding.

Riot Games' URF logo navy

So what does this mean?

Basically, Riot Games provides a comprehensive curriculum including curriculum guide with all the necessary vocabulary, six easy to follow modules and student materials.

Each of these six modules focuses on an important component of game design. It starts with basic building blocks such as player experience and goals. Then it gradually gets more complicated, to focus on decision making and game mechanics. It then guides students through the interaction players will experience. And finally, students showcase what they have learned by developing their own paper prototype of a multiplayer game.

This curriculum by Riot Games really makes it easy for get everyone coding. What’s more, it lays a strong foundation to engage deeply with games.

It’s about inspiring the next generation of game designers

So start empowering kids with this knowledge in an understandable format that can be used in practice.

Recently, Riot Games also hosted seventeen girls as part of the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. During their trip, these girls learned about coding languages and design, and got a behind the scenes peek at the game designing world.

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