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Mindset makes the difference!

Let’s look at mindset, what it is and how it influences us. How can we improve on it, educators and learners alike?

Fixed vs Growth mindset

When a daunting challenge comes your way, do you simply give up because it is too hard, or do you persevere and overcome? A fixed mindset would opt for the former choice, a growth mindset perseveres and overcomes.

From an educator’s perspective, it seems obvious that a growth mindset would guide a learner to greater achievement. Yet, we see very little focus on developing this trait in many places of education worldwide. Despite the fact that research, has proven the efficacy thereof.

For those who prefer listening over reading click here for an explanation of mindsets.

Fixed or Growth mindsets explained

Without getting too hung up on philosophical terms such as Determinism vs Free will. The fixed vs growth mindset looks at how a person reacts to challenges. Do we stay fixed in the same routine and blame the world for our troubles? Or do we see this as an opportunity for growth and change accordingly? This plays a serious role in learner motivation, and consequently learner development.

It is quite obvious that a growth mindset would be of much greater benefit to our learners. Much more so than a fixed mindset. Imagine if this mindset of growth and accepting challenges becomes ingrained from early on. This is how star citizens are fostered.

Foster a growth mindset in everyone

Luckily social learning and emotional has garnered unprecedented support and attention and the effect can be seen globally. Many companies have made resources available to train and educate learners, parents, and mentors. Sharing knowledge and methods in which one can work on improving mindset. The best of which I have found to be Their services are well renowned, independent research supports their methods, and with cost always being a factor, the best news of all is that it is completely free.

Our learners

In a 2007 study, it was found that a group of inner-city youths who were taught mindset skills, largely outperformed their peers afterward. And even more impressive, motivation to perform remained high over the long term, and all of them enjoyed a healthy rebound in their grades. It also addressed other behavioral problems such as bullying and general aggression.

For educators

As we know learning happens best when done in small groups where thoughts can be discussed in a safe circle of trust. The good people at reacted to this, and designed a personal development course: “Growth Mindset For Educator Teams”.

A brief course consisting of 7 lessons of about 90 minutes. Go have a look, get your colleagues involved, share your progress with us, so we can again take part in the joys each others’ achievements.

With lots more to come, be sure to check us out every so often. We hope to teach, learn and talk with you again soon.

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