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Technology in group activities

Technology in group activities is finally making a breakthrough on our western front, and it is doing great things! Thanks to institutions such as PBS learning media we now have access to teachers’ professional advice on how to assign student pairs for collab work. What to do with a learner who dominates a group activity? How do we as educators deal with learners of varying skills and backgrounds?

It goes into great detail about considerations that need to be kept in mind when assigning collaborative work.

Technology is emerging in earlier and earlier class age groups. Even first graders are assigned tasks on tablets and other mobile devices. This is also an aspect addressed in this short 3-minute-clip.

Click here to view the clip.

Ashton_KutcherI’d like to advocate for computer coding to be an institution in the public school systems right next to biology, chemistry, physics, etc. If we want to spur job growth…

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Meaningful group work using technology

How do we do it? For each and every classroom, there is a near-infinite amount of possibilities. No textbook can adequately prepare us. It is a truth that not enough take to heart, but luckily there are solutions. The most effective of all? Discussion. Find other educators that are worth their salt, and engage! Talk shop, as it were. Educators are industry professionals and should behave as such.

Any experience or advice? Please comment. Let us learn through our communications.

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