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The Power of Play

Kids love to play. None more so than our young learners. And given a structured environment, this play leads to meaningful learning. The power of play is clearly demonstrated in this series of courses.

PlaySA in collaboration with The Department of Basic Education, Cotlands, UNICEF and The LEGO Foundation offers a series of continued professional development courses. What’s more, it’s completely free!

These comprehensive courses are tailor made for different developmental stages of a child’s life. And each PLAY course includes both practical and theoretical content. Not to mention that each completed course will give you an accredited professional certificate and additional resources sent to your email address. Furthermore you will receive 15 continued professional development (CPD) credits as stipulated by the South African Council of Educators (SACE)

Birth – 2 years

Since kids start developing from the moment they are born, the first course takes a look at the critical activities that caregivers and educators should focus on during this time. Here we look at the importance of baby massage, sensory play and gross motor development.

After this introduction, the focus moves to play elements such as fine motor development, art play and fantasy play.

2 – 5 years

Once the kids have a firm grasp on the milestones in the first stage of development, we move on to reinforce the foundation that has been laid.

Now we build the child’s language, maths and communication skills.

Grade R

The third stage of development helps you to prepare kids for school, laying down the first building blocks of the skills they will need throughout their schooling careers.

Grade 1 – 3

Finally, the last stage of early childhood development ensures that educators still use the power of play to help kids learn.

Here you’ll find examples of how to use play in conjunction with the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

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