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When we do something new with Daniel Tiger

A focus on social-emotional development

Daniel Tiger’s strategy song for doing something new

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood keeps the embers of Mr Rogers’ legacy glowing brightly. In fact, each episode follows Daniel Tiger as he learns and grows. And each episode has a central theme that teaches valuable interpersonal skills to children and adults alike. Here we are taking a closer look at coping when we do something new.

It may be overwhelming, especially for kids, when we do something new. Whether it’s going to the doctor or starting a new school or job, we could all use a little reassurance sometimes. In order to curb these insecurities, kids can play doctor and take control of the situation. Now they can ask and learn about what to expect later.

We can reassure kids by using Daniel Tiger’s catchy strategy song for when we do something new:

“When I go to the doctor’s what will she do?
She’ll take a look at you and make sure you’ve grown a stripe or two
When we do something new
Let’s talk about what we’ll do.”

Of course you can have fun with it and substitute the new activities you’re taking on. But no matter what the occasion, the important thing is to talk to kids and find out how they feel about these challenges that they perceive.

The Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood collection on PBS Learning Media provides thoughtful activities to supplement Daniel’s strategy song.

The purpose of these activities is to help children to recognise and express their feelings. Furthermore, kids will develop their speaking and listening skills when we have discussions. And the best part of all is that we use play as a vehicle for learning.

PBS Learning Media offers this important lesson on what to do when we do something new with Daniel Tiger, and many others, for free!

Daniel Tiger and Fred Rogers

“I have a full range of emotions. I also have a whole smorgasbord of ways of dealing with my feelings. That is what we should give children.”

-Fred Rogers

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